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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A comparison ....

Here is a comparison of saws as I promised...

both of these use 4 inch blades.
Here is the Byrnes mini 4" saw

And My Dremel 4" table saw.

both of these use 2 inch blades.
This is my Preac mini 2" blade size saw.

And one of My other Preac table saw with a bigger table top  also 2" blade.

My Byrnes and Preac side by side quite a difference would you say.

The Dremel and the Preac side by side.

Here is the line up the Dremel saw is a fair small saw its made of plastic the table top and the body of the saw .

The Byrnes Saw has a wider table top is all metal even the base it sets on .

My little Preac saws are all metal except for the base ( which is wood ) 

The Byrnes and Preac saws don't tilt the blade to make 45 deg cuts like the Dremel saw does but I make several Jigs to do the angle work.   The Byrnes saw has a tilt table top which can be purchased separately.

Finally some work on the shop ....

The brackets for the AC in the shop are done !!!! pics at a later time   Its hard to cut that hole in the side of a brand new building  LOL...  but I'd rather be cool for the summers work to come....

Thank you for your time . till next weekend.


Friday, December 5, 2014

New Equipment New Shop....

Almost ready for the electrical I have the A/C unit to install and the ceiling to finish so stay tuned...

Here is a New saw I purchased among some other equipment ( more about that at a later date )

The BYRNES Model machines Table saw for modelers Here is the web sight  www.byrnesmodelmachines.com  I am looking forward to using this saw its a heavy one for sure.   4" blade it will cut 15/16th thick material.  Motor is a 1/3 horse power 120 volt powerhouse... enough bragging here are some pictures...

4" dia blade

1/3 hp motor 120 volts

More pics of this weekends adventures in a few .

Thank you for your time .... 


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Getting close to the finish..

Well the insulation for the ceiling of my shop is DONE !! I still have a few more things to do before I start on the electrical .

Here's a  pic ....

That roll up door is nine feet wide for a size reference.    

Thank you for your comments and looking in on my little project.

 Have a wonderful week .


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Gables go up.

So almost completed the interior walls ... If I can hold out this is ruff work Im like holding on to the second rung of the ladder with my toes .... LOL

Here are a few pics.

Cutting in the sunshine it was a nice day today.  

A lot of angles to cut ... I only made one mistake ... which is good for me ... LOL

All in All it was a good day and we got a lot done hopefully I will complete it in the next week or two.

To all my friends in the United States Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for stopping by .


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Now the walls go up !!

So now the walls go up its a slow possess and working on the weekends ... Well you know how it is

Here are some updated pics ...

More insulation for the ceiling And you thought I was finished hahaha.... 

Hopefully I will be finished over the holidays and then comes the move and the opening of some new equipment.

Thanks for looking in .


Sunday, November 16, 2014


Well while trying to get things done on my little shop My wife took some pics while I was on break..

sorry about the scruffy look I have been busy.

Everybody needs a good shop dog this is my pal....

Him showing off for the camera.

 Everybody have a wonderful week till next time 


Saturday, November 15, 2014

ALMOST THERE .....shop insulation install

The insulation install continues ....

Working on some angle sheet metal for the top  corners to have a place to mount the plywood that's going on the walls ..

Sheet metal install DONE !!!! Now to finish up the insulation ....

Here stands the stack of plywood waiting to become a wall ...

And here ... a new collection of books I have received in the mail.. this will be interesting.    

Thank you for your time till next week ....


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Insulation Install

Well I have started on the insulation part of my mini workshop.   I have the wall panels acclimating in the shop for a few days to let them settle down.   they are all twisted from being bound with straps. 

I have found a few of Ya'll ( as we say down south ) on an app called Bloglovin  just another way to keep track with all my mini friends.  and maybe meet a few more.

Well here are a few pictures of my progress....

Here I am making a mess....

And thanks to my lovely  assistant.

 I thank you for looking in on me.... till next update.


Monday, October 27, 2014

TOO MUCH !!! in a small space

 As embarrassed as I am to post these pictures  ( I feel I should be at a miniatures anonymous meeting ... LOL )  But to give a look at what My shop turned into through the years.  Its a shame I know .

( PS :  I'm sorry for the bad pics I really do need to get a better camera.)

I'm not a hoarder ... ( I keep telling Myself that.. haha !! ) mostly ran out of room to store things. 

Every nook and cranny of my little shop screams mini.   

Now you see why I so desperately need a larger work space  .....  I don't normally show my full shop pictures  mostly of my Mess LOL.   But I think this is a fitting way to say goodbye to the chaos and hello to organization.  

Thank you for your time.