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Sunday, August 24, 2014

It saddens my Heart

Well after a long battle my Dad passed away Friday the 22nd he was 83 years young and fought till the very end . I held his hand till his very last breath it was the hardest thing ive had to do in my life but i didn't want him to die alone.

I loved my father so very much and it saddens me so very much to see him go but his suffering is over he has been through a lot .... I will miss him... he made me the man I am today and I know I made him proud simply because he told me so every time I was with him  .  that twinkle in his eyes I will never forget.... he was always there for me with whatever I need.  A great Man in my eyes. Thank you Dad for telling me its OK and that you loved me.

Rest in Peace my father  

Yours Tearfully