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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Special Project ?

Here are a few progress pictures of my porch light project ( WOW !!! say that fast six times LOL ) .. Hope you like it.

The beginning stages of my porch light

Trying to get a feel of the size this thing is going to be.  

Here it is all welded up now all I have to do is make adjustments and a trial fit. 

The trial fit just to see what it will look like Now to sand and paint the Wheel ans wire it up
I will use LED bulbs and i might even frost the globes  so you can't see the bulbs .

Thanks for looking

Hopefully I will have this finished by this weekend .... I hope ?


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Track lighting Installed !!!

It went up without a problem until I tested the other side then I had to do some troubleshooting
but I got it fixed .

Here are  some pictures.

These tracks are 8 feet long.  

This is a connector  that joins the tracks. 

Power connection.  

Left side six lights .

Right side six lights . 

Close up of the fixture with LED bulb installed 

Thank you for looking 


PS : Now I start on the porch light I have something special in mind stay tuned .... 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Night Time Test .

After testing my outlets to make sure i wired everything correct I decided to test the light circuit from the power panel  .

NOW Let There Be Light !!!

Pretty bright Huh !!!  

I still have to install track lighting down both sides that will be next weekend.  As for the rest of this one I will clean out all of my equipment and clean the floor to prep for paint while the weather is good .

Thanks for looking


Wires ... Wires... and more. Wires...

The bottom electrical is DONE !!!  here are a few pic's

Now to test it just to make sure I have it right ....