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Monday, August 8, 2016

Another Workbench ?????? and something else.

One More workbench and  it will be the last one ..... ;)   This is the center of the room Large  4X8 table size .  Made using the same concept on the other workstations I've made.    

A  set of rough drawings so I can wrap my head around the size.

And I will build a display case for the shop along these lines.  It will house almost all my pieces of furniture ( prototypes )

I'm building the workbench first  these things may be changed it all depends on what I come up with along the way . ;)


thanks for looking 


Thursday, July 21, 2016


Well here is my new piece of equipment as I promised .I have always wanted to get this.... NANO milling machine I call it  NANO  because my micro mill is way larger than this. 

The box that was delivered to my shop.

The milling machine as it sits I had to assemble the X- Y table to the machine this looks to be very large doesn't it ...

Here in the picture is ( for size reference ) a small bottle of glue and a mid sized hand... LOL !!! It is really small but seems powerful enough for the detail work I need .  

A picture of it in its place on the workbench.

This is a porch I did as a club project ( a long time ago ) all the wood you see is Louisiana cypress  resawn just for this front porch everything but the frame is made by hand.

Thank you for looking

 Its getting close for mini building I'm still sorting stuff out and setting stuff up.


Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hello All

                I have a piece of new equipment coming to the shop.  Now before you say OMG !!! he has a load of machinery already in that big old shop of his.... LOL !!  Its necessary for me to add just a bit more detail to my pieces and this will help me greatly.

I will add pictures later............

  Now I have to find room and a place to set it up. Maybe I should keep it portable so it can be put back on a shelf ? We will see.

Thanks of looking :)

Monday, June 27, 2016

More storage !!!!

Ever wonder what five gallons of craft paint looks like ?

This is made mostly from scrap I had left over and had an idea to use it for something different ..

And here is the finished project I think it will serve me will.  

I'm still going to finish this part to hold all the small stuff I've accumulated .

And here it is all stocked up with 114 bottles of craft paint.  Most of My wood stock dowels rods ect...

Thank you for looking 


Friday, March 11, 2016

Shop Set Up !!!!!!

Well now its time to set up shop . Its been a while I know ..... I'm slow  LOL.  I moved these workbenches four times and believe me they are not easy to move . Now to put everything in its place.

Thanks for looking ;)


Ps. here are a few pics of the placement of my workstation. I think I'll stay with this.

Pss.  Please excuse the mess and disorder.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Update !!!!!

My desk top for my work station is complete now to work on the lower case ...
 Here are some pictures ;)

I am so used to building in 1/12 th scale this is hard for me to accomplish but I did it :)
I worked this with no set plans so I had to make up my measurements in my head .... 
I think it came out OK  The bottom case should took me no time to complete.  I hope ... LOL !!

Thanks for looking 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Workbench My assembly bench

   The start of my assembly bench .
these are the Leg parts going together for the base of the workbench

The base going together

I added some storage to the sides of the workstation. 

Base is complete.
I had  a sketch of how I wanted the top drawer case to look  but I didn't add it to my pictures... Maybe later,,

The upper case going together.

Trial fitting the upper case cubby holes and drawers etc....

The installation of upper case.

I'm going to cut these dividers like this  example  shown here.

I'm also adding a lower case to house a set of drawers for my hand tools .

And some people think that building miniature furniture is hard ...LOL !!

So this is it for now I'll see what I can get done tomorrow... everybody have a good weekend!!

Thanks for looking.