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Monday, August 8, 2016

Another Workbench ?????? and something else.

One More workbench and  it will be the last one ..... ;)   This is the center of the room Large  4X8 table size .  Made using the same concept on the other workstations I've made.    

A  set of rough drawings so I can wrap my head around the size.

And I will build a display case for the shop along these lines.  It will house almost all my pieces of furniture ( prototypes )

I'm building the workbench first  these things may be changed it all depends on what I come up with along the way . ;)


thanks for looking 



  1. Hello Mario,
    The level of friendly jealousy just went up a notch. What a fantastic surface for working. I can't wait to see it as well as that great cabinet come to life.
    Big hug
    N.B. Thank you for answering my last question. I appreciate it very much.