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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Small Saw update....

So here are the components removed from the board the potentiometer   ( The round thingy that the knob mounts to.  ) was broken on the inside and could be the reason the circuit burned up.

 Bad parts removed from the board

The inside of the potentiometer

The power transistor removed from the board .   Now to get the new parts and fix this thing.

Stay tuned....


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Equipment misuse ?

This is what happens when you over tax a small table saw . I was cutting some laminate flooring.   I only had a few pieces to cut so I thought it would not be so bad........ Wrong !!!!!  It was going really well and on the last piece a wisp of smoke came from under the saw table  OH!!! OH !!!! and then POW!!!!! something popped  I turned the saw off  right then..... To late the damage was done .

This is a JARMAC 4" table saw I 've had it for years.

I puled the power board out of the little side panel and the knob broke off.   Its the one that controlled the speed of the motor.


A closer look at the circuitry and i found that the power transistor was shot.

Also the trace on the back of the board got hot and lifted so it will have to be fixed....

I don't think the motor was damaged but i will test it after i fix the power board . I have other saws to build with.  I used this saw along with my Dremel 4" table saw for the thicker pieces of stock .

I also found some furniture that was made a long time ago in the depths of my little shop Its amazing how much you accumulate over the years.