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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A comparison ....

Here is a comparison of saws as I promised...

both of these use 4 inch blades.
Here is the Byrnes mini 4" saw

And My Dremel 4" table saw.

both of these use 2 inch blades.
This is my Preac mini 2" blade size saw.

And one of My other Preac table saw with a bigger table top  also 2" blade.

My Byrnes and Preac side by side quite a difference would you say.

The Dremel and the Preac side by side.

Here is the line up the Dremel saw is a fair small saw its made of plastic the table top and the body of the saw .

The Byrnes Saw has a wider table top is all metal even the base it sets on .

My little Preac saws are all metal except for the base ( which is wood ) 

The Byrnes and Preac saws don't tilt the blade to make 45 deg cuts like the Dremel saw does but I make several Jigs to do the angle work.   The Byrnes saw has a tilt table top which can be purchased separately.

Finally some work on the shop ....

The brackets for the AC in the shop are done !!!! pics at a later time   Its hard to cut that hole in the side of a brand new building  LOL...  but I'd rather be cool for the summers work to come....

Thank you for your time . till next weekend.


Friday, December 5, 2014

New Equipment New Shop....

Almost ready for the electrical I have the A/C unit to install and the ceiling to finish so stay tuned...

Here is a New saw I purchased among some other equipment ( more about that at a later date )

The BYRNES Model machines Table saw for modelers Here is the web sight  www.byrnesmodelmachines.com  I am looking forward to using this saw its a heavy one for sure.   4" blade it will cut 15/16th thick material.  Motor is a 1/3 horse power 120 volt powerhouse... enough bragging here are some pictures...

4" dia blade

1/3 hp motor 120 volts

More pics of this weekends adventures in a few .

Thank you for your time ....