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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Equipment misuse ?

This is what happens when you over tax a small table saw . I was cutting some laminate flooring.   I only had a few pieces to cut so I thought it would not be so bad........ Wrong !!!!!  It was going really well and on the last piece a wisp of smoke came from under the saw table  OH!!! OH !!!! and then POW!!!!! something popped  I turned the saw off  right then..... To late the damage was done .

This is a JARMAC 4" table saw I 've had it for years.

I puled the power board out of the little side panel and the knob broke off.   Its the one that controlled the speed of the motor.


A closer look at the circuitry and i found that the power transistor was shot.

Also the trace on the back of the board got hot and lifted so it will have to be fixed....

I don't think the motor was damaged but i will test it after i fix the power board . I have other saws to build with.  I used this saw along with my Dremel 4" table saw for the thicker pieces of stock .

I also found some furniture that was made a long time ago in the depths of my little shop Its amazing how much you accumulate over the years.



  1. Oh dear! thankfully you can repair it yourself. It's a good warning not to use my (new) table saw for anything real life size!

  2. Oops, sorry about that, Mario, hope you get it fixed soon.

    I constantly have to remind myself not to push the limits of my tools beyond what they were designed to handle.

  3. I learned my lesson the hard way and I knew better but I just had to push it no worries I can fix it.