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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My favorite books

Here are a few of my favorite furniture books.  .Some of these have 
start to finish builds..... Some just have drawings and measurements .  These help out a lot when i have a piece to build using just a photo and a set of measurements .  

 I will get a list together at a later date ... 

Plans and measurements 

Plans and measurements 

Plans and measurements 


Plans and measurements also reference 

This book is a copy of one that was gifted to Mrs. Elga .  Just the type of book I look for .

Thank you for your time .....

My Scale Cabinetmaker collection

This is some of my collection of Scale Cabinetmaker issues.   I was  inspired by this publication some years ago.  It was the one I waited for eagerly when it came in the mail.    If you never read a copy ( If you are into miniature furniture building I can't see why not . ) I recommend  picking up what you may find  you won't be disappointed .  



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