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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A comparison ....

Here is a comparison of saws as I promised...

both of these use 4 inch blades.
Here is the Byrnes mini 4" saw

And My Dremel 4" table saw.

both of these use 2 inch blades.
This is my Preac mini 2" blade size saw.

And one of My other Preac table saw with a bigger table top  also 2" blade.

My Byrnes and Preac side by side quite a difference would you say.

The Dremel and the Preac side by side.

Here is the line up the Dremel saw is a fair small saw its made of plastic the table top and the body of the saw .

The Byrnes Saw has a wider table top is all metal even the base it sets on .

My little Preac saws are all metal except for the base ( which is wood ) 

The Byrnes and Preac saws don't tilt the blade to make 45 deg cuts like the Dremel saw does but I make several Jigs to do the angle work.   The Byrnes saw has a tilt table top which can be purchased separately.

Finally some work on the shop ....

The brackets for the AC in the shop are done !!!! pics at a later time   Its hard to cut that hole in the side of a brand new building  LOL...  but I'd rather be cool for the summers work to come....

Thank you for your time . till next weekend.



  1. Hi Mario! Thanks for showing all of your table saws, now I can see the difference very well! And I must say it's quite a difference ;)!
    Have a nice week :D!

    1. Your welcome Ilona ;)
      I will do a shop tour when i get everything set up .


  2. That's an impressive bunch! I looked it up and the standard blades for the Proxxon table saw are 80mm, which is just over 3". I got some very fine blades from Pete and Pam Boorum in the States and those require an addional ring to fit on the Proxxon.

    I was asking about setting it up as whatever I try in terms of adjustments, sometimes the wood almost burns or takes too much pushing to get the wood sawn, as if it wants to kick back or even stop the blade!

    No need for AC here, it's barely above zero Celsius! :)


    1. Idske there are several factors to your problem first is tooth direction the teeth have to point down toward the table the direction the blade turns you can cut with the blade on backwards just not as good.. .

      You could have a lot of pitch on the blade making it heat up if you have a sort of golden colored or brown colored stuff stuck on your blades you can clean them off with oven cleaner and they will cut like new ( careful with the oven cleaner its some bad stuff )

      Or your blades could be dull and are in need of sharpening.

      hardwood will dull a blade fast if you use that type of wood a lot...

      I hope i've been some help.

      Mario .

  3. Hi Mario, this is a very interesting blog! I am particularly interested in the saws, as I do a lot of cutting of sections and profiles....I'm not that good with a hacksaw. I've been thinking about the Dremel because it does bevel cuts easily.
    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll, I will do the same for you.

    Have a great Christmas and a productive new year!