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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Type of panel to use ?

Since the walls of my shop are mostly wood panel I want to put up metal for the ceiling   my choices are.   ( these are web images and not mine )

this is the wavy corrugated type only comes in silver  

this is the panel type these come in assorted colors which is nice

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I also want to do some trim work before i put the electrical up .

I like this look for the room but seems like a lot of work.
 What do Ya'll think ?.

So decisions decisions????? ...... :)

Have a good week ( like we say down south )  Ya'll.

Thanks for looking in 



  1. Love the look of the wooden trim in the picture. But I was wondering if this is your workshop, wouldn't you be putting a lot of workbenches, cabinets etc. along the walls? Then all of your hard work would be invisible.

    1. You know Josje I haven't thought of that. and most of the electrical is going to be surface mounted also.

      Hmmmmmm I'm going to think a little more about this.


  2. Well, Mario, it seems that you have to make lots of decisions. But I'm afraid that I can't help you, because I really don't know anything about all of the materials you're showing us, so good luck ;).

    1. Yes Ilona .. decisions a plenty for sure. I'm going for an industrial look. visually interesting since i have no windows to look out on to the property. Its My choice though while I build I lose track of time. I tend to do a lot more that way.... LOL


  3. No mires solo si cuesta mucho trabajo, lo importante es el resultado y lo que veo e imagino puede quedar bonito..
    Un abrazo