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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Finish (of the ceiling that is .)

It seems like days for me to complete my ceiling in my Mini studio  lots of hard work luckily I had help from my two strong Sons and supervision from my Wife. don't know what I'd do without them.

  This job wasn't easy by no means and believe it or not I only made one mistake ... LOL !!

Here are the results....

Now for the electrical then the floor treatment.  

Thanks for looking  



  1. Wow, this is fantastic work of you and your team of workers ;)! Your work space looks absolutely great, I wish I had a place like this to work in :)!
    Wishing you a nice weekend/week.

    1. Thank you Ilona. If you are ever my way you can use my shop anytime ;) You have a wonderful week also.

  2. The ceiling looks great Mario as does the whole workshop as you said its been hard work but i think its paid off and i have no doubt you will be spending some quality time in there so its important to get it right first time as you have done. Great job! ☺

    1. Thank you Tony. I'm half way there ..at lest that's what it feels like .. LOL !! and you are right about getting it right I hope to be here a long time building ... you have a nice week :)

  3. That is one shiny roof! I am looking forward to seeing it all fitted out and ready for you to start creating some more of your beautiful miniatures.

    1. Thank you Elga . I have lots of ideas running through my mind as I type this. more room = more tools :) best part is that I can put my big equipment all in one work space.

      Have a nice week.