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Saturday, November 21, 2015

I am still here ;)

Well this year is almost over I'm still working on my shop ( when I can ).   I'm slow I know
I have a lot going on at work and at home But it won't be long I'll have plenty time on my hands soon.

Lots and Lots of ideas in my head of things I want to build I have to make A list to keep track.

My second workbench is built and a third one is in the works..I/ll post pics at a later date .

I hope everyone is healthy and in good spirits.

Thank you



  1. Hi Mario! Long time no seen, but it's good to hear that you're still here in the blog world ;)!
    I can imagine that it takes a lot of time for making everything by yourself for your new workshop. But it will also give you a good feeling to work there, when the time is there :D! I guess no one is ever finished with his workshop, because after some time you always will learn new things/techniques and one would like to change things again to your liking.... Success!
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona.

      Yes we are always evolving In a good way ;)
      More pictures soon .