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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Workbench My assembly bench

   The start of my assembly bench .
these are the Leg parts going together for the base of the workbench

The base going together

I added some storage to the sides of the workstation. 

Base is complete.
I had  a sketch of how I wanted the top drawer case to look  but I didn't add it to my pictures... Maybe later,,

The upper case going together.

Trial fitting the upper case cubby holes and drawers etc....

The installation of upper case.

I'm going to cut these dividers like this  example  shown here.

I'm also adding a lower case to house a set of drawers for my hand tools .

And some people think that building miniature furniture is hard ...LOL !!

So this is it for now I'll see what I can get done tomorrow... everybody have a good weekend!!

Thanks for looking. 


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