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Sunday, September 30, 2012

More pictures of past projects

These are pictures of past projects some are a little better than the ones I have posted already.  I really need to get a new camera. I apologize for the bad pictures.  I think my phone would take better pictures than my camera which is sad.

I hope you enjoy them and also to inspire someone to get going on their own projects.


This is a lady's desk it is made in two pieces so it is easy to break down for travel.

This is a Shaker dry sink simple but useful back in the day. 

This is a Shaker blanket chest with drawer .

This is a harvest table it is made to be taken apart and put into storage when not in use .
Put together with Mortise and tenon joints. 

 This is a Shaker Bake Room Table plenty of storage and a large work surface.

 This is a tilt mirror with two drawers made in cherry wood. 

 A colonial dry sink. 

 Three adjustable candle stands. 

  A wall hanging plate rack.

                              A walnut tool chest with tray and a few tools .       

 This is a Jelly cupboard.

  Another Shaker blanket chest.

Shaker Brothers Rocking chair.

I have quite large hands sorry

This piece is very large
 Amish Armoire two peg locking drawers 

The # 00 is the number i give all my prototypes 

 Fancy table 

 This is a Plantation desk I have seen  here in Louisiana .
This one has been used and handed down through the years
 and is in need of repair.

 This a Sheraton high post rope bed .
The reason you were told to sleep tight when you went to bed
Is because you had to re tighten the ropes when you went to bed .

Now I have some unfinished pieces that some how didn't get finished for some reason or  another.
Probably had to give up my prototype as a raffle prize because I ran out of time during the build. 

This a Craftsman style Gustav Stickley tilt top desk not finished of course.
In cherry wood. 

 A bookcase in sugar maple with no finish ??????

 A player piano with a secret compartment
 filled with a note and a old two dollar bill.

That's it for now I've taken all these pictures at least three times and they are still not to my liking But thats just me Thank you for your time  and have a great week  .



  1. I love all your furniture, Mario, my favorite is the ladies desk, wish I had a full scale one.

  2. Wonderful ! I love your furniture, especially your Shaker rocking chair : stunning !

    1. Thank you

      It was fun to see my students weave the seat and back....... Some even finished when the class was over.


  3. Just love all of your furniture, especially the plantation desk and the unfinished Gustav Stickley type desk appeal to me. Is there another post coming about the unfinished desk? I'd love to see the finished desk!

    1. Thank you Idske.
      I think that's a good idea.

      I'm planing on finishing the pieces that i have not finished. And will do a post about the Stickly desk and also one on the crushed Shaker desk soon ...


  4. wow, that is some kind of repertoire. Some pretty amazing & lovely pieces too. I can only hope you plan on replacing your old camera? And thanks for the explanation about sleeping tight, learning all the time here :) I'm really glad you're blogging bout your work, it is -indeed!- very inspirational!

    1. Debora I have seen some of your furniture on your Blog....... ( need i say WOW!!!! ) Mine are nothing spectacular but i like them. They appeal to me and to teach furniture construction I have to keep it simple. so that all beginners and experienced can build them in the set amount of time we have for the fun day..


  5. My favorite is the plantation desk as I have a dream of making one myself. It won't be nearly as fine as yours but I am awfully glad to see you've made one, they are so uncommon.

    clmt's miniature world

    1. Thank you for your comment Cassandra.

      I fell in love with one I've seen at a plantation local to me.


  6. your work is amazing, the attention to detail is outstanding

  7. c'est tout ... Oh !non, c'est beaucoup. Il faut du temps pour fabriquer d'aussi jolis meubles !
    Très beau travail ! rosethé-Minima