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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My favorite books

Here are a few of my favorite furniture books.  .Some of these have 
start to finish builds..... Some just have drawings and measurements .  These help out a lot when i have a piece to build using just a photo and a set of measurements .  

 I will get a list together at a later date ... 

Plans and measurements 

Plans and measurements 

Plans and measurements 


Plans and measurements also reference 

This book is a copy of one that was gifted to Mrs. Elga .  Just the type of book I look for .

Thank you for your time .....


  1. I have many of these books but there are a few that I don't have. Do you have any more of Lester Margon's books? I have all three of his older hardcover books and love them all.

    1. I sure don't But I will look into finding them .

      I have more books in my shop covered with sawdust LOL.

      Thank you Elga


  2. Wow! Beautiful blog and beatiful books!
    Check out my blog if you want: it will be pleasure!
    Good day!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you

      its just a few that i had handy. I have more in my shop.

  4. Hi Mario, can I ask what the Art of Making Furniture in Miniature is about? Is it like John Davenport's book or are there more plans?

    1. Hi Idske.

      Its by Harry W. Smith its a beautiful book very detailed and yes it has furniture plans 18 of them to be exact.

      i can take a few pics of the inside if you would like ?


  5. Thanks Mario,
    I had been offered a copy for £15. It's not in great condition they say, which could mean anything from falling apart or written in/on to ??. I've since seen it is also available on Amazon. I've been given the book by VJ Taylor (it's in one of your photos) and it is wonderful. I also found 2 of the Lester Margon books that Elga talked about and they are great too, even if they smell rather aweful. I wasn't going to add more books, as my little cottage is quite full enough with books, but I'm glad I did!

    If you really rate the Art of Making Furniture in Miniature and it has 18 plans, that is good enough for me and I might just treat myself a bit more..

    Thanks again, seeing what other furniture miniaturists are inspired by and use as reference books is a great help!

  6. Seu trabalho é fantástico
    Te deixo um regalo em meu blog

  7. Thank you so much for picking my card as one your winners from the teddies challenge, it is such an honour.
    Thank you for all your hard work in making the challenge so successful, it's a shame that the challenge is ending but I can totally understand your reasons and wish you all the best.
    Sue xx Obat aborsi