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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Scale Cabinetmaker collection

This is some of my collection of Scale Cabinetmaker issues.   I was  inspired by this publication some years ago.  It was the one I waited for eagerly when it came in the mail.    If you never read a copy ( If you are into miniature furniture building I can't see why not . ) I recommend  picking up what you may find  you won't be disappointed .  



Any questions that I can answer I'd be happy to.   Thanks and have a good week....

                   Thank you for your time  


  1. Hi Mario, that looks amazing. Seems a shame they stopped publishing them! I rather jealous of your collection! I'm going to have another look at the Dorsett Publishing website. Maybe it isn't that difficult to order after all....

  2. Hello Mario,
    I have read about them many times but have not yet had the chance to see one. thank you for talking about them. It always hard tio know what to look for and order in terms of miniature books.

    1. Giac.... These have period rooms, furniture, wood and metal, like stoves and the old ice box( roper type)just to name a few.
      In short lots of variety.

      Thanks for your reply


  3. É fascinante teu trabalho.
    Passei por teu blog e te deixei um premio

  4. Good evening. A quick update. We just released the final five years of The Scale Cabinetmaker. All 20 years are now available on cd-rom from Dorsett Publications, a project that took nearly eight years to complete. In addition, we published an online index to the journal to make it easier to find information. Anyone who is interested in TSC (as it has been affectionately referred to around the office for nearly 40 years) should take a look at the 2013 catalog. In addition, all of the Cabinetmaker's Guides are also available.


    Meghan H. Dorsett
    Publisher, The Scale Cabinetmaker
    Dorsett Publications

  5. Thank you Meghan i am and always will be a very big fan of tour family's publication its very sad that things have to change.

    I will look into it Thanks again


    1. We took the whole online thing a bit farther. While I am and will probably always reach for the hard copies of TSC on the shelf above my desk, we recognized the problem of unavailability and cost. Reprinting was prohibitive, although we considered it. At first we settled on cd-roms…it got the material back in print and at a somewhat lower cost than hardcopies. Unfortunately, it meant folks had to buy a full year's worth of issues when they may only have wanted a single issue. So, with the cds finished, we went back to the drafting board. We officially released all of TSC, by the single issue ($6.00 per issue) as downloadable pdfs. Now folks can get copies of The Scale Cabinetmaker for a fraction of the cost, download them immediately (dpllconline), and now have to pay for shipping and handling or wait through postal service delays.