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Saturday, November 15, 2014

ALMOST THERE .....shop insulation install

The insulation install continues ....

Working on some angle sheet metal for the top  corners to have a place to mount the plywood that's going on the walls ..

Sheet metal install DONE !!!! Now to finish up the insulation ....

Here stands the stack of plywood waiting to become a wall ...

And here ... a new collection of books I have received in the mail.. this will be interesting.    

Thank you for your time till next week ....



  1. Hi Mario! Your work shop is coming together nicely, what a lot of work, but it looks great :D! I think I'm a bit jealous on your new books, because I have just one book. But just this book gave me a good idea how to build my own miniature canal house. Those old 16th century canal houses are so typical for the centre of Amsterdam, they are put on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage. I also gave my own twist to my miniature canal house that I've built, for creating just a bit more space for my miniatures (in fact it's my storage cabinet for miniatures ;o). If you're interested: in my latest blog post you can see a part of this house, the stoop house at the street side and in some previous blog posts you can see parts of the attic in the canal house.
    I've built this canal house myself about 14 years ago, but there is still much work to be done at this house. The inside of the house is still empty and the exterior isn't quite finished yet....
    Anyway, I wish you much fun with your dolls house books, I'm sure they are quite interesting :D!
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona ... I'm going to take a look ;) I have only put together one house I started 26 years ago and it still is not finished .... LOL

      I have mostly concentrated on furniture building. Houses take too long to complete. But I want to push .... nudge ... shove .... spring.... My Wife into miniature houses.... LOL.
      To give her something to work on with Me.... mostly why I'm building such a large shop.

      I feel we will make a good team..

      You have a wonderful week till next post.