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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Night Time Test .

After testing my outlets to make sure i wired everything correct I decided to test the light circuit from the power panel  .

NOW Let There Be Light !!!

Pretty bright Huh !!!  

I still have to install track lighting down both sides that will be next weekend.  As for the rest of this one I will clean out all of my equipment and clean the floor to prep for paint while the weather is good .

Thanks for looking



  1. Yes pretty bright! No chance of falling asleep over your work in there. Looking forward to your next post as I have no idea what track lighting is. Do you really need MORE light?

  2. LOL .... Not really Idske where Im going to put my workbenches i cast no shadow. But I want another option and if i need it more light.

    I will post my installation of the track lighting this weekend when i finish