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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Well here is my new piece of equipment as I promised .I have always wanted to get this.... NANO milling machine I call it  NANO  because my micro mill is way larger than this. 

The box that was delivered to my shop.

The milling machine as it sits I had to assemble the X- Y table to the machine this looks to be very large doesn't it ...

Here in the picture is ( for size reference ) a small bottle of glue and a mid sized hand... LOL !!! It is really small but seems powerful enough for the detail work I need .  

A picture of it in its place on the workbench.

This is a porch I did as a club project ( a long time ago ) all the wood you see is Louisiana cypress  resawn just for this front porch everything but the frame is made by hand.

Thank you for looking

 Its getting close for mini building I'm still sorting stuff out and setting stuff up.



  1. Hello Marioa,
    That is a wonderful new piece of equipment. I can't wait to see what wonderful creations will come of it. Your worktable is so impressive. I hope you don't mind, but I have a question for you. I do all my minis using X-acto and utility knives. What would you recommend be the first machines a miniaturist should invest in?
    Big hug

  2. Hi Giac

    It all depends what you want to do for instance if you want to cut your own strip wood or molding out of wood you can't find in the hobby stores I would get a small table saw first. But to make your own molding you will need a router table or a milling machining to do the shaping of the profile you want then cut it out with the table saw. from what I see you do in the rooms you build :)

    Now if you want to start to build furniture everything that it will take for a full sized piece you almost need in miniature Table saw , router table , scroll saw , lathe , overhead milling machine , drill press, power sanders , and good magnification.

    The Table Saw was my first power tool I invested in simply because I can buy my stock / wood and cut what I need at the time.

    I know what Iv'e said is a bit much but i hope this helps you


  3. Enjoy your new mill Mario, it is the only one I have and I certainly enjoy it very much.