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Sunday, October 12, 2014


So at the end of a long weekend I managed to install and paint two rails in white..

Install a dead bolt lock in my door...

and received some square tubing that i will use for braces to put up the interior walls....

The post are pretty spaced out and very strong but the bracing will give me a mounting point to install the wall material....

So now off to work till next weekend .  I have a lot of plans for this space and I don't know where to start LOL !!

Hope everyone's weekend was nice ..

Thank you for looking feel free to leave a comment I'm always open to suggestions.



  1. Hello Mario,
    I think I am more jealous of that great space then I was when you last posted. It will be amazing. Have fun putting it all together just the way you want it.
    Big hug,

    1. I've been thinking of this or should I say dreaming of a work space this size for a long time Giac. Now I can finally make it Happen. More room for more tools and machinery and I also will have room for a display case for all the pieces i have built through the years. Some of my self inspiration to say..... LOL !!


  2. A wonderful space! Although I must say I do like the look of your old workshop, it has style. Maybe it could be a project in the new workshop to make in miniature?

    I do agree with your wife, that the iron rails make it look less utilitarian and I imagine a nice rocking chair on the veranda would be the right sort of invitation to join in, :))

    1. Thank you Idske My old shop was damaged during one of the many hurricanes we have here in this part of the world. and would totally have to be redone I have been patching it for a long time But it does have a old time feel to it Hmmmmm maybe a small project in the future ... Maybe ?

      I see a rocking chair or two for those cool fall and spring mornings watching the deer and rabbits play near the woods.

      Sigh ......... now back to work for me ..

      have a wonderful week