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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Photo's from the shop......

 This was a Chippendale style desk that was modified
with a different bookcase top ( same style )
The primary wood is Mahogany
the secondary wood is Maple.

   Open frame construction tongue and groove joinery.

   Broken pediment with flame urn finials.  
   Glass in the doors and the center of the shelves. 
Notice the two lights added to the top of the bookcase.

 Dove tailed drawer fronts also ball and claw feet.

This piece has seven secret compartments
and was very fun to build .


  1. Hello Mario,
    You have built some beautiful miniatures over the years, and this last one is no exception. I look forward to following what you make on your blog.
    Best regards, Josje (A Beautiful World)

    1. Thank you Josje

      I have more to show when i get time.
      I will have to retake some pictures of some of the more recent pieces.

  2. Beautiful work, Mario, isn't it fun to built miniature furniture with proper joinery, I just love it! Looking forward to see more of your work.

  3. Trovo che le sue creazioni sono molto belle, mi piacciono soprattutto quelli con la patina antica ma anche la canna da pesca è fantastica. Complimenti. Un saluto dall'Italia.

  4. Thank you very much. never thought my little obsession would reach my Grandfathers home land

  5. Oh, non pensavo che le sue origini fossero italiane! Mario si usa anche nei paesi latino-americani, credo. Allora siamo di fronte ad un pizzico di Made in Italy!

  6. Hahahaha yes just a pinch but proud of it....

  7. I'm glad you started a blog so you can show case your wonderful miniatures. This one is no exception and to think it has so many secret compartments :) It's obvious you've had fun building it. I can't wait to read more bout your miniatures and the expertise you must have build over the years.
    Best wishes, Debora