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Monday, September 17, 2012

This is what happens when you try to be careful.

I build furniture some times in Kit form starting from a photo of a piece. 
I'll make 30 sometimes 60 kits to teach a class on construction and finish.
Its done on a get together called a mini fun day once a year for a local club.  Sometimes it gets a little hectic especially when it gets close to the fun day date.( The day before that is )

This was done some years back.  The prototype was cut and assembled (You can see all the little pieces) Finished and antiqued it.   While showing my wife the finished piece i dropped it and with my big foot crushed it on the floor.  My heart stopped . So at midnight I had to build another one to have it ready  for the morning .which my wife says is every time.  I donate a piece to the club to raffle off  and as appreciation for letting me build for them.

I still don't have this piece in my collection.  I will have to get around to building one to keep for myself..  

I keep all my prototypes. 

Thanks for letting me share


                      This piece is a shaker sewing desk.  ( Or was..... ) 

                                           During assembly.

                  The pieces i saved .... And I don't even have a finished photo of it. .


  1. Oops, my worst nightmare, I have dropped things a few times, but fortunately have never stepped on one yet. Would love to see your table finished.

    1. Elga,

      I'm going to have to retake some pictures of over twenty years of teaching classes