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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Past classes... Shakers bake room table 2006.

This is  the process I go through building for my classes.
I Start off with sheet stock .

Cut into strips.

 And into bits... the side pieces of the table.

These will get glued into sets.
A couple of sets glued together.

Glued up

Measured and marked for the cuts.

These are the sides of the prototype

All the sides are glued up and marked for the cuts.
 I have a few extra made just in case some get messed up. 

Assembles Note: where the glue up for the sets are in the waste
 so when i finish the outer joints I can cut them free.   

These two pics ....are cutting out the joint for the back of the piece

All outer joints cut .
The waste removed and i can separate the sides and pair them up.

These are all the parts for all the Shaker tables.
 I have  five per tray and will separate them into kits for the class.

100 of these later ( one at a time )
 I wish I could find out a way to do these all at once without braking the bank.

The back with a shot of the internals. 

Installed the outer brackets 

And the class begins. 

Pictures of some of my students. 

The finished piece it was a good day. 
 My wife and I enjoyed every minute of it .

Thank you for your time....


  1. I wish i could find the time to attend a class like yours Mario! The table is a beautiful piece of work and im a huge fan of all shaker furniture, great post and great photos many thanks for sharing. Tony.

    1. Your very welcome Tony and Thank you for the compliments.

  2. Oh, I am sure your students must have enjoyed it too! Wow, all that work in cutting so many pieces for the kits, I wonder if the students realize all the work involved in putting a kit together, I hope so.

  3. Yes they do when they lay out all the parts on the parts page to check for missing pieces.

  4. Thanks for all the photos, it gives a really good idea of how much it takes to do a project like this. The students must be very pleased with their finished pieces!